My MacGuyver skills are unrivaled.

***How to fix your transmission with a broken umbrella, a Bic pen and a rubber band: The MacGyver Quiz ***

Score: 80% (8 out of 10)


Christ!! I have a blog?!

I totally forgot that I had this place. Blame Facebook and Twitter I guess.

Vote for Lando


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I can’t embed the video but you must vote for Lando Calrissian. Check out his campaign video at the link below.

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Cram some life into your life before you bite the big one.

If you’re feeling guilty about not ticking items off your bucket list what are you waiting for!? Goddamn get out there and live your life now now now!! Or not.

And now, as with any passably decent idea in the popular culture, that cute little gift book has now been whored quite nearly to death. There are so many spin-off titles it’s a bit like skanky celebs showing their vaginas as they exit an Escalade. Which one to choose? Which version to read and ponder and further my anxiety that I am never doing enough, which one to make me feel excruciatingly underexperienced in the world?

via Read this column before you die / 1,000 sights, 1,000 books, a few hundred drugs, 397 kinky positions, one million blasphemies. Get busy

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Photons Be Free: Wolf Blitzer Will Speak With The Jedi Council

CNN Anchor Mr. Wolf Blitzer ; Benazir Bhutto, ...

i09 reports that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer will be interviewing 3D holograms on Tuesdays night. Sounds like this is just one way that CNN is trying to grab viewers during election night coverage and probably won’t be as cool as it could be.

…CNN plans to film each spokesperson using 44 separate cameras, filtered through 20 computers. The resulting 360-degree image will be projected into CNN’s Manhattan studio, making it look as though the spokesperson will be there in person.

via Photons Be Free: Wolf Blitzer Will Speak With The Jedi Council

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Is James Bond loathsome?

For the record, I’m generally a James bond fan but I find it interesting to read the critiques.

At the heart of any execration of Bond is the formulaic nature of the films. Rich but psychologically flawed mastermind builds big base at sea/under dormant volcano/in space. James Bond despatched by M to spy on rich but psychologically flawed mastermind. Conspiracy uncovered with minimal detective work, leaving plenty of time for bedroom activities. Bond captured but still manages to destroy rich but psychologically flawed mastermind. The end.

via BBC

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Halloween Costumes to Inflict Upon the Innocent

Lets hope this kid doesn’t suffer the same fate as Pinchy.

via mental_floss Blog » Halloween Costumes to Inflict Upon the Innocent

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