I’ll take The Dark Knight IMAX Experience for 200 Alex

**Updated post viewing**

The Dark Knight lived up to the hype for sure. If you’ve been waiting for the extra push to finally go see it consider yourself nudged. Carry on.

I’ll be seeing The Dark Knight IMAX Experience in just over an hour from now so this post from former Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings has me even more excited than before.

But yesterday, with all the raves I was hearing, I decided to skip “work” and re-see Dark Knight in Imax–and I actually thought its use of Imax was pretty canny. Almost every “character” scene was 35mm, projected in a narrower aspect ratio (1.86:1, I think) that whittled the Imax screen down into something almost like a real movie theater, only with awesome sound and fewer texting teenagers. But every cut to some bigger, more, panoramic view–a skyline, a dizzying stunt, whatever–was shot in Imax, with the full height and clarity you expect from a boring but eye-popping short subject about hot-air ballooning or astronauts or something. And the transitions weren’t jarring at all, which really surprised me. Cross-cutting between Imax helicopter shots of a car chase to 35mm character moments in the back seat of a police van worked just fine.

Ken’s blog


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