Real-World Social Networks vs. Facebook ‘Friends’

Once again Clive Thompson writes another insightful article for The latests deals with the social networks and clueless managers. Tell me, does this sound like your workplace?

Almost every time he analyzes a group, Waber discovers that the super-connector — the crucial person who routes news among team members — isn’t the manager. “The manager is almost always peripheral,” Waber says. “It’s some random guy.” And that person is usually overworked and overstressed. He isn’t given enough support to fulfill his role, because nobody in the firm knows he’s doing it in the first place. If you study the org chart, the higher-ups are in control. But if you study reality, those same managers barely know what’s going on.

Yeah, sounds like plenty of place I’ve toiled in too. The paragraph above rings so true for me and it always makes me wonder how my manager attained their position. Makes my skin crawl just remembering some of the incompetent drones that seemed to have only two purposes in life: more meetings and self-promotion at their underlings expense.

Of course the article isn’t really about this specifically its just that’s what it means to me.


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