Trademarked Sounds

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has a kid’s page full of interesting, trademarked sound files.

From the webpage:

Did you know that some trademarks are embodied in sounds, scents, and other formats that cannot be represented by a drawing?

If you click on a serial number or sound icon in one of the columns to the right you can listen to a trademark. Acheck later - file currently unavailable icon means that we do not have a copy of the sound file available at this time.

Most of these are registered trademarks, but a few of the newer listings are are still being reviewed and the word “(PENDING)” appears next to them.

Click on the magnifying glass look it up in TARR to view the official status record for each trademark in a new window. Scroll down the status screen to learn more about who owns it, what it is used for, who owns it and to read a description of the mark itself.

Check out some of your favourite sounds like the NBC chime, AOL’s “You’ve got mail“, The Lone Ranger theme and many more.

I didn’t realize how many familiar sounds were trademarked. Find any sounds that suprised you? Let me know in the comments section.


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