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Cram some life into your life before you bite the big one.

If you’re feeling guilty about not ticking items off your bucket list what are you waiting for!? Goddamn get out there and live your life now now now!! Or not.

And now, as with any passably decent idea in the popular culture, that cute little gift book has now been whored quite nearly to death. There are so many spin-off titles it’s a bit like skanky celebs showing their vaginas as they exit an Escalade. Which one to choose? Which version to read and ponder and further my anxiety that I am never doing enough, which one to make me feel excruciatingly underexperienced in the world?

via Read this column before you die / 1,000 sights, 1,000 books, a few hundred drugs, 397 kinky positions, one million blasphemies. Get busy

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Dave Barry’s photos from China

Tonight my family ate at a restaurant that featured, among many other tempting menu items, Gastronomy Frog.

Gallery | Dave Barry’s photos from China.

Also, check out Dave’s blog entries from Beijing. Very funny.

In ancient times, a Westerner had to journey for months, even years, to reach China. Today, thanks to modern air travel, it takes much longer. I estimate that the plane I was on flew around the entire Earth three times before we got here. By the time we landed, I had a near-fatal case of a medical condition that is known, technically, as “monkey butt.”

Let’s Go to The EX

CNE midway in 2007.
Who needs a calendar to remind us that the summer is almost over when you can smell the tiny tom donuts being fried and the goats are being milked in the Better Living Centre?

Thats right folks, its CNE time!!
What: The Canadian National Exhibition
Where:  Toronto Lakeshore
How to get there:

The Toronto Star has a great feature on all of the festivities for this year’s Exhibition.

See you at the EX!

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Festival of Friends – Hamilton Ontario Canada

When: August 8, 9, 10 [noon – 11pm]
Where: Gage Park – Hamilton, ON View Map
I’ll be checking Steve Earle out on Friday night. Is anybody else going to be there this weekend?

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Rhino and Giraffe

Rhino and Giraffe

From my trip to African Lion Safari.

Flying aboard the Emirates A380

Humina, humina, humina!” That all I can really say about this inflight report of the luxurious Emirates A380. Some of the perqs for first-class includes:

  • Access to the plane’t two showers
  • Suites which offer even more privacy, burlwood trim, a large-screen video display, lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of gold-chrome trim, and a retractable personal beverage station

All passengers can view real time video from any one of the three exterior cameras including a tail cam. Not exactly sure how much a flight will cost but I can guess that its out of my price range.

via Telstar Logistics