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My MacGuyver skills are unrivaled.

***How to fix your transmission with a broken umbrella, a Bic pen and a rubber band: The MacGyver Quiz ***

Score: 80% (8 out of 10)


Christ!! I have a blog?!

I totally forgot that I had this place. Blame Facebook and Twitter I guess.

Awesome Halloweendow Display

Awesome Halloweendow Display

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An Open Letter to Subway

Cheese tessellation = beautiful coverage while Unnecessary dairy overlap = soul-crushing disappointment

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What’s the Best Adult Diaper?That depends

In search of the best adult diaper.

Play With Spider – Flash 3D

Yah its creepy and weird but its fun too. Try leaving a trail of insects for him to follow. Kinda like E.T. with the Reese’s Pieces only with more flies.

Play With Spider – Flash 3D –

Samsung Omnia unboxing.

I’m sure you’ve seen many unboxing videos before but have you ever seen one like this for the Samsung Omnia?

Sure its just another viral video but its well made and inspired me to look up more information on the Omnia so I guess its mission accomplished for Samsung.

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