A second NHL team in Toronto?

God damn it!!! When will these morons learn?

The league will never allow Mr. Balsillie to put a team in Hamilton for two reasons, according to one governor. One is that the city would be a tough sell for U.S.-based teams, and the other, more significant reason, is the belief it would ruin the Buffalo Sabres.

“It’s a minor-league town,” the governor said of Hamilton. “How could we sell a team from Hamilton? Do you think the New York Rangers want to put the Hamilton Steelers on their marquee at Madison Square Garden? Do you think anyone in Manhattan would buy tickets to see them?”

via globeandmail.com: A second NHL team in Toronto?

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Awesome Halloweendow Display

Awesome Halloweendow Display

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Zombie Presidential Debate

I think this about sums up McCain’s debate performance last night.

Presidential Debate – Yahoo! News Photos.

Bonus angle:

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Flickr Guide: How to Do Everything with Flickr

How I feel about Flickr

Image by Esther17 via Flickr

digital inspiration has posted a nice guide to cool tools available for flickr using a handy Q and A format. For example:

Q: I need pictures from Flickr for my school project that look like a sad or angry smiley face.

A: Go to Retrievr, draw a sketch of the smiley face and this tool will try to retrieve pictures that match your sketch. Could be a great option for searching pictures that cannot be described in words.

via Flickr Guide: How to Do Everything with Flickr

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Chimpanzee and tiger BFF?

Chimpanzee and tiger – best friends | FunTim

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N8R TXT – Location-specific nature haikus by sms

Text your location to 416-662-3408. Locations should include the a city name and must be in Ontario, for example: “100 queen w, toronto”, “hamilton”, “laurier & elgin, ottawa”.

“Fall night, Euclid avenue, toronto”
nestng in attics
policeman with a shaved head
stackabl deck chairs

N8R TXT – Location-specific nature haikus by sms

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Top Ten Worst Halloween ‘Candies’

Even though I live right across from my daughter’s school I still only get less than a dozen trick or treaters each year. Even so I’m glad that we care enough not to give away any of the items on this list although we do give out packets of President’s Choice Extra Creamy Hot Chocolate. It’s still chocolate, right?

Top Ten Worst Halloween ‘Candies’ | Serious Eats

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