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Is James Bond loathsome?

For the record, I’m generally a James bond fan but I find it interesting to read the critiques.

At the heart of any execration of Bond is the formulaic nature of the films. Rich but psychologically flawed mastermind builds big base at sea/under dormant volcano/in space. James Bond despatched by M to spy on rich but psychologically flawed mastermind. Conspiracy uncovered with minimal detective work, leaving plenty of time for bedroom activities. Bond captured but still manages to destroy rich but psychologically flawed mastermind. The end.

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Bond…Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic Bond

Over at Nerd World, great blog by the way, Matt Selman has a disturbing write up about Ian Fleming‘s Gold Finger book. I’m a fan of the James Bond movies but I’ve never read any of the books and its a good thing I didn’t as they (maybe just this one?) are full of some of the most vile stereo types.

It’s common knowledge that Ian Fleming’s James Bond spy thrillers were hardly politically correct. They were packed with outdated, but probably deeply-felt, sexism, racism, and, yes, even homophobia. (Not to mention the relentlessly kick-ass sadism.) Those who haven’t opened the books in a while may assume that Fleming’s old-timey notions lurked in the subtext of the novels. But a recent re-read of Goldfinger revealed the hate-speech was hilariously explicit.

Check out the original post for the specifics. The Quantum of Racist

Remembering Ian Fleming

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