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Photons Be Free: Wolf Blitzer Will Speak With The Jedi Council

CNN Anchor Mr. Wolf Blitzer ; Benazir Bhutto, ...

i09 reports that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer will be interviewing 3D holograms on Tuesdays night. Sounds like this is just one way that CNN is trying to grab viewers during election night coverage and probably won’t be as cool as it could be.

…CNN plans to film each spokesperson using 44 separate cameras, filtered through 20 computers. The resulting 360-degree image will be projected into CNN’s Manhattan studio, making it look as though the spokesperson will be there in person.

via Photons Be Free: Wolf Blitzer Will Speak With The Jedi Council

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Zombie Presidential Debate

I think this about sums up McCain’s debate performance last night.

Presidential Debate – Yahoo! News Photos.

Bonus angle:

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Its Election Day in Canada!

Lets get ready to ruuuuummmmmbblllleeeee!!!

Presidential Race vs Canadian Federal Election: Heavyweights vs Lightweights | Mapleleafweb.com

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