Hard to Find 800 Numbers



When it comes to advertising their products and services our corporate overlords are inescapable. You’ll find them on T.V., the net (if you don’t use ad block for ff that is), magazines, video games, elevators and even urinals. Their ads touch our lives daily but what if YOU want to touch them right back?

Quick, give me ebay’s phone number. How about  Walmart.com’s number. Not quite so in your face now are they?

Need to talk to Amazon customer support? Their number is 800-201-7575.  Google?  650-253-0000 then 0 for the switchboard.

Where am I getting all of this 1-800-MOJO? Try pointing your browser to Hard to Find 800 Numbers.com.

Our sole purpose is to help customers reach companies whose numbers are often buried deep within a large corporate site.

Happy dialing.


2 responses to “Hard to Find 800 Numbers

  1. There is a site will ALL of the eBay and Paypal contact phone numbers not found anywhere else.

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